Back in the Day 2

Back in the day, one of the original Foley Brothers, who shall remain nameless — although, I will allude that he was the black sheep and the favorite son – well, that favored Foley Brother made his beautiful Hispanic bride feel somewhat insecure.  She took that emotion and translated it with the use of a little .22 that he had always encouraged her to carry, “just in case.”  She shot at him as he drove his get-away car from the scene of the jealousy.  The Sheriff’s Department never even commented on the incident, back in the day.

Today, however, we have the grim story of a woman killed by a Metro officer.  It is sexist, I admit.  However, I think most Americans are taken aback when the victim is a defenseless woman.  In this case she was not apparently completely defenseless.  She had a shovel.

So our bad guy is a broad with a shovel.  Don’t laugh.  A Metro officer unloaded his weapon into her.  She had been threatening a security guard and another woman, apparently.  Metro was on scene less than one minute when the officer emptied his gun at her, hitting her seven times, at best count.

Back in the day, all that I am going to say is times have changed.  Even twenty years ago, officers would have laughed about the crazy broad and the shovel, but they would have found a way of de-escalating the situation without gunfire.  But then, that was back in the day.

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