Cover Ingrams

In Las Vegas, Nevada, during the last days of the pre-digital world, Justin Castle, a 16-year old boy, loses all hope of compassion and shoots Cheyenne Connors, his feisty, beautiful girlfriend. His prosecution is nearly foiled by the mishandling of the gun at the murder scene. During a pretrial motion the court reporter, Charley Savage’s eyes are opened to the sorcery of the practice of law and to her unraveling marriage.

By means of unique formatting, Charley engages the reader as an alternate juror, an alternate who not only has the information the jury has, but the entire breakdown of all things excluded from jurors’ eyes and ears.  Charley breaks every oath of silence she has taken, both personal and professional, in order to at last make, “a full, true and accurate transcript of the proceedings.”

In so doing, Charley and the reader ultimately discover together by and through the trial of Justin Castle, the meaning and the strength of the words:  Truth; Loss; Compassion; Justice; and Love.

Her understanding of the judicial system and the rules that govern it are delineated and questioned by her, resulting in an entertaining education for the reader in the actual rules of evidence and law, things that are routinely ignored by other writers of courtroom dramas for the sake of literary economy.      Writing Wrongs is a reportage of judicial proceedings entirely unique in its genre.  The story is rife with actual icons of the Las Vegas legal community during the 1980’s and 90’s, who shaped the singular manner in which justice is still practiced in the Eighth Judicial District Court, even after the good new boys replaced the good old boys.  It is a peerless must-read, a poignant testament to the preciousness of life and the precarious journey that it is for each of us.

Prepare yourself for the way law is practiced in the desert.  Turn the page and ENJOY becoming a juror for a murder trial in the United States of Nevada.