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In June of 2013, We the People were informed by a British newspaper that Spies-R-Us – that’s what We call them -- had seized control of our central government to the Oval Office in a quest for Global Domination. If the depth and scope of the politics of fear and repression were not so deep as the pits of hell are, we may have laughed them out of power.
A number of US were old enough to have been taught well the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We also read MAD Magazine cover to cover, monthly. We loved Spy vs. Spy We thought it was funny.


In the months following the Great Disclosure of the hero, Edward Snowden, the national and affiliated media, filtered by MJ-17 , proselytized to the masses, baptizing everyone with a television or computer in the murky slime and filth of propaganda. Many were sadly happy to be baptized daily in that font, as long as the propaganda was dyed red, white and blue; arising, dripping in debt, unemployment, and all manner of social hardships. The puddles were graphic evidence of the failure of their society. Yet, many still did proclaim, “I am an American!” without a coherent understanding of what that now meant to the Rest of the people on Earth.


There was, of course, US, We the People, to whom it was nearly amusing to watch the spin doctors spin out of control into incoherent fear and terror talk.  For the first time ever, televangelizers preached with one accord, literally, in headline unison from FOX to MSNBC.

This was the outline of the daily sermon: One, that Edward Snowden was a spy gone bad; Two, that no one who is innocent needs to worry[1], which is what Stalin told his people … right before he killed millions of them; and, of course; Three, this is still, “The greatest country in the world!” Insert fanfare.  It was, as our grandmothers would have said, “Really something.”  It was akin to witnessing Joel Osteen, Malcolm X, Oliver North, Che Guverra, Pope Francis, Adolph Hitler, Barak Obama, and your favorite MMA fighters all join hands and sing, “Kumbaya,” and no one knows what Kumbaya means, anyway, or even if one should capitalize it, which makes the analogy perfectual.

[1] National Worry.  Don’t worry about us spying on you and your kids and your parents, even though, we are worried about all of you, what you say, what you look at on the internet, what you text, and who the people you know know, and the above applies to all of them.  AND, don’t worry that the President of the United States has suspended habeas corpus as it applies to all Americans, which means Spies-R-Us can put anyone in a Sadam Hussein hole and forget about you, even in San Diego or Duluth, and never even charge you with a crime, AND the government can send a  drone to kill you and your dog, legally.


And so, there was the government-controlled media, who belonged to the capital gains gangsters, spewing identical accusations against a hero who could be Sergeant York, reincarnated -- a Bill of Rights Buddha -- accusing HIM of being unpatriotic and/or confused, in short, a bad spy.  They may as well have shaved his head and sewn a gold star to his Abercrombie and Fitch button-down.

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It is quite sure they would have done worse, if they could have lain hands on him.  However, he was hiding in Shang Hai, and even Barak Obama, the King of Drones, did not dare murder him, in public in Shang Hai, whether by bullet, poison, or IBCM.


Now, the name-calling proved certain things by Hegel’s simple water-runs-downhill reasoning.  It proved that Edward Snowden was not only a fantastic spy, as he had effectually spied on them for WTP.  Spies-R-Us had never figured on Snowden being so patriotic as to become a legitimate American hero.  They had thought the cushy job with a powerful acronym and its ridiculously high salary was a good enough bribe for anyone.  It probably was, except for a hero.

The name-calling also proved that Spies-R-Us was just collective groups of flesh and blood people, people who had sold out to the highest bidder, not menacing acronymous monsters with super powers, just whores.  So, the realization that We the People were being spied on and robbed of all things preciously American by collectives of immoral people, whores, was a springboard of a magnitude that the government did not comprehend.

Fighting acronyms is frightening and overwhelming.  The media had ensured that Americans believed that premise.  Fighting people, however, whether one or ten or a hundred at a time is a different story.

Once We the People understood that we were up against whores, the story became interesting.  We the People, or, WTP, as we came to be known, knew all about whores.  For instance, whores are liars and just people, like us.  Except, these were whores of the worst possible imaginations.  Once WTP put faces, fingerprints and DNA to the whores – not masterminds of the universe, just whores -- being bribed and bribing their way in the world, the road to justice was highlighted.  For, how does one discipline whores?  Simple.  You beat them.

What the Spies-R-Us whores had not counted on was that our hero, Edward Snowden, actually loved his country, and that he cherished the principles it had been founded upon enough to sacrifice living in it to reform it.  They could not have counted on it because they could not comprehend it.  After all, whores aren’t very smart, or they wouldn’t be whores.

They kept trying to paint and taint Snowden in scandal, and if it had only been a scandal, it would have been amusing.  However, WTP, the sentient people, were not amused, but, as we know, it was no scandal; it was the dawn of the Great Revolution, and we had that blond kid to thank for it.

If people live long enough, there comes a time in our lives when we wake from a nightmare to find it was not a dream, and that time was this time.  WTP saw Reality reveal its monstrous nature, unplanned and unscripted, which we were not accustomed to.


It was as though Reality itself had awakened from its own nightmare, sick and tired of being dressed in drag and forced to prance and mince across the stage of politics and daily life in the USA, like Godzilla or the Cloverfield Monster.  It was a monster dressed in a tutu and tights, crocodilian mouth smeared in frosted pink lipstick, with a wig of silky ringlets nailed to its head.  Reality saw the chance to quit sneaking around and come out of the closet in North America.  Edward Snowden had just unlocked the closet door.


That Snowden had worked for the NSA, that he was one of their own, was scriptural.  True lovers and defenders of freedom were left, like latch-key kids on the doorstep of, “Whatcha-gonna-do about it.”  They cornered us, and so, we had no choice.  We became WTP, and WTP cornered Them, one at a time, ten at a time, until the movement was exponential.  How you may ask did WTP accomplish this?

WTP started looking for these whores, and WTP found them, because finding whores doesn’t take a lot of technology or power.  They practically advertise.  Once we began to corner these whores, WTP simply demanded that they do the one thing WTP knew whores were good for; we demanded that they put their lips together, and blow.  This is how we became Americans, once again, actual Americans, and it is why you, now, are still Americans.

Let it be a lesson to WTP, all of us, that we, as a nation, shall not ever be tempted into whoring again.  Some lost their lives; some wished they had.  If you read on, you will learn that Being an American is a privilege; the price of that privilege is high; but it is worthy of all the blood, sweat and tears that were shed.  Let us pray -- P-R-A-Y -- that WTP never have to shed them again.  And let us pray that the whores never have to shed like snakes again, because it was an incredible mess to clean up.  But, most important, may WTP never be forced to prey again.

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