Flickering Images

Loose hips,

Wet Lips,

Green Eyes that hypnotize,

Ex-cocktail waitress/manicurist,

Missy’s momma,

Angie’s friend,

Kristy’s sister,

Nights that don’t end.

Rolling Stones,

An off-the-hook phone,

Hip-hugger jeans,

It seems that yesterday you were a baby.

With long blond hair,

And that haunting stare,

You see in your Jenny’s eyes.

And Stephanie’s smirk,

I can still see it lurk,

In your smile,

But mostly your lies.

Rock-n-roll ballerina,

Yukon Jack or a shot of tequila,

Chicken casseroles,

Whose recipe?

I don’t know.

You should know just how much I miss you.

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