How’d you know that?

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Q How’d you know that? Had you consulted an attorney, or did Nurse Wellesley guide you through that process, as well?
A Both.
Q I see. So even before Justin was formally charged with a crime, you had a lawyer for him?
A I talked to a lawyer. I thought it was a reasonable thing to do.
Q I imagine you did. But you never showed these notes to the detectives, did you?
A No. I showed it to the first lawyer he had, and he said it wasn’t important. I just forgot about it until this week.
Q You didn’t produce this note at the preliminary hearing in this case, did you?
A No.
Q So you did have it out of your wallet before last week then, I take it?
A Just then.
Q I see. Did you forget that you showed this note to the first lawyer, or did you just not want the jury to know that you had a lawyer before Justin was out of the hospital and before he was charged with anything?
A I just forgot.
Q And you were satisfied with your son’s answer to your questions about the night in question?
A Yes. He was very upset.
Q I imagine he was. But I am very curious to understand why you wouldn’t have more questions for your son than that, after he shot his girlfriend, killing her with your gun, and he was in the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
A I said, he was upset. He was on a lot of pain medication and was becoming emotional. He started crying, and I didn’t want him to tear his stitches.