I would love to give you more details of the drama

I would love to give you more details of the drama, but none of the other Turke testimony coincides. For the most part, two of the three Turkes agree in their recounting, but not consistently enough to lead you to believe one story, even if you wanted to.

For instance, Terry and Kerri swear that she used pills from the medicine cabinet. Terry remembers they were called “Dilation — something, and she took the whole bottle.” They were Dilantin, an epilepsy prescription.

Kerri at least knows they were for epilepsy, but thinks she coughed up only a handful — “Maybe not even enough to kill herself with. Like, you know, she was just doing it for attention.”

Jerry, however, is emphatic that the modality was a razor blade Cheyenne used to slash at her wrists. When Christensen crosses him, he asks him to describe the razor. Jerry ends up describing a Schick or Bic disposable, still intact when they opened the door and rescued her, a difficult implement to open up a wrist with; let alone an artery; let alone her autopsy revealed no recent wounds or scarring, if I can remember that far back.

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