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One crime scene tech testifies and authenticates dozens of photographs taken at the scene on the night of the homicide. As they are admitted, Jake passes some of them to the jury. The tech testifies to salient evidence the police actually threw away on the night of the murder. It never even made it into police custody. It was a cigarette and Bic lighter they found in Cheyenne’s clenched fist, her dominant right fist. This will be a hurdle on the way of Gregor Pavao’s case theory into the minds of the jurors.

Picture it. Right-handed Cheyenne, pointing the gun to her head with her left hand — because the cigarette and lighter are in her right — how in the hell does this not fly in the face of reason? What is she thinking as she does this? Should I light my cigarette or blow my brains out? Unlikely is putting this scenario kindly. So, the close-up of her cigarette and lighter in her right hand is an obstacle for Justin’s Wizard to avoid stumbling over. Oh, but if it had been impounded, it would have been a mighty battlement.