Pavao on cross-examination

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Pavao on cross-examination only underscores to the jury and the rest of us how broken and paralyzed by this tragedy the mother is, which is always a big mistake. He finally aborts the attempt to discredit her somehow, but only after he wrings her out over whether or not she knows where her coffee table is. This woman looks like she can barely remember her name and address.

Jake and I look at each other and exchange expressions of disgust. When he figures Pavao has made himself look bad enough, he stands and objects. The Judge looks down at Gregor Pavao, as though the Wizard has been struck with a spell of retardation.


THE COURT: The objection is well taken.

Mr. Pavao, does this coffee table prove or disprove any of the issues of this case?

  1. PAVAO: Well, your Honor — —


He stammers because he wants his response to save him from looking like an ass, but he cannot think quickly enough.


THE COURT: Well, I tell you what, we are going to take a brief recess. If you come up with anything, we would all like to hear about it.

Be in recess for five minutes by this clock.

THE BAILIFF: Everyone please rise.


Gregor Pavao’s not perfect — — which really pisses him off. Granted, minutia can be very important, but you had better be damn sure it is before you grill a grieving mother in front of a jury. The best wizards keep their eyes on the map at all times and never forget where it is they are trying to lead the jury. “For if you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there.”