Rookie K picks up the gun

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Rookie K picks up the gun, barehanded, and takes it to the dining room table in the next room. K’s sergeant hasn’t looked up from his report. His back is to K, who stands at the table — his latex gloves tucked neatly in his pocket — while he removes a live round from the chamber, disengages the clip from the gun, and in the process, destroys any possible fingerprint evidence.
Apparently, K has made it through life without viewing a single episode of Kojak – or Law and Order, depending on your age. Maybe his mom made him go to bed before reruns of Dragnet came on, before forensic science was dinnertime TV. One wonders if K had a television at all. This aberrant police behavior led to Rookie K’s fingerprints all over the weapon, which led in turn to: Defendant Castle’s Motion to Dismiss.