The Wizards and the Wolf

  1. CHRISTENSEN: I object, Judge. This is a homicide, not an accident.

THE COURT: Overruled. The Defense is entitled to assert its theory of the case.

  1. PAVAO: Thank you, your Honor.

Q    The day of the accident – tell us, Justin, was it an accident?

A    Yes, most definitely.

Q    What time did you arrive at work on Friday, January 19?

A    At 2:00.

Q    Did you see Cheyenne there?

A    Yeah.

Q    Did you speak with her?

A    Yeah.

Q    What did you talk about?

A    It was just short, like, cause we were at work. We couldn’t really talk at work. We said, like, hi, and then she asked if I was coming over later, after work, and I said, yeah, I would be there after I got some stuff done.

Q    Is that the only conversation you had with her at work on Friday, January 19th?

A    Yeah. I saw her in the break room, and we just talked for a second, like, hey, I love you, you know, just short and sweet.

Q    Did you continue then at your work until your shift was ended without any further conversation with Cheyenne?

A    Yeah, it was a normal day, pretty much.

Q    Before we leave the subject of work, let’s stay at work and address then the story of Miss Lucy O’Leary.

A    Okay.

Q    Do you remember her testimony, Justin?

A    Sure.

Q    Do you remember Lucy telling the jury she saw you at a water fountain with what looked to be a gun tucked in the waistband of your trousers?

A    Yes.

Q    Did you have a gun with you at work on that day?

A    No. I don’t know what she thought she saw, what it was, but it wasn’t a gun. Maybe it was one of the new cordless phones we had at the office.

  1. CHRISTENSEN: Objection. Speculation.

THE COURT: Sustained.


Q    Did you, in fact, speak with her that day about personal matters?

A    Yeah.

Q    Describe the nature of the conversations you had with Miss O’Leary that day.

A    Lucy was, like she said, she was whack. She was crying. I was afraid she was gonna get in trouble or something. I was trying to make her feel better.

Q    Did you ever tell her that you thought her problem was about a boyfriend?

A    Yeah.

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